We are able to succeed in this market, despite its well-known reputation for being tough, by conforming to a waste-free line design philosophy as seen in the materials, metal mold development, production control, and distribution development for domestic production. We possess all the know-how for production industries to be sought after in Japan. Total production, not merely production, lies behind the power of Vantech.
Vantech has pursued design and cost effectiveness in items for daily use. Look at our gardening goods, refrigerator space organizing boxes, interior accessories, and design and development that we have made possible as a total-production manufacturer. All our products are available at nationwide 100-yen shops. They are highly appreciated for their made-in-Japan quality and designs. Ask us directly for details

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@ with a joint mechanism, is now available!

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Refrigerator Receipt

DoCoBox Series

Interior design miscellaneous
goods Series

vitamin color

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