Gardening Collection
Newly arrived forest series presenting nature in a stylish light.
Popular barrel series with additions of pot trays, wall hangers, and hanging pots.
Warm and pleasing brick series.
Standard series that carries on the tradition of beautiful bisque.
Pleasing pot tray series with abundant size variations and simple designs.
Gardening goods series, indispensable for showing your garden and veranda.

Forest Hanging Pot
(plastic cord type)
Forest Octagonal Pot
ForestOctagonal Flower Pot Tray
Forest Planter
Forest PlanterPot Tray皿
Forest Wall-Hanging Pot
Forest Square Pot
Forest Squre PotPot Tray
Barrel Pot No.4
Barrel Pot No.6
Barrel Pot No.8
Barrel Pot8 Pot Tray
Barrel Wall-Hanging Pot
(plastic cord type)
Barre Hanging Pot6
(plaited cord type)
Barre Wall-Hanging Pot
Barre Planter
Barre PlanterPot Tray
Barre Pitcher Bucket
Barre Pitcher Bucket7L
Brick Planter
BrickPot Tray
Brick Pot Tray
Brick Pot
Bowl Pot No. 8
Unglazed Flower Pot No.7 Pot Tray
Unglazed Flower Pot No.7
Pot No.6
Long Flower trayNo.7 Pot Tray
Long Flower tray No.7
Garden Saucer No.5 2P
Garden Saucer No.6 2P
Garden Saucer No.7 2P
Garden Saucer No.8 2P
Garden Saucer No.10 1P
Garden Saucer No.12 1P Slim Gardening Basket Gardening Tile(Stone tone) Garden Fence 2P

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