The company name, Vantech, was derived from combining the English words vantage, which means high quality, and technology. High quality products can be created with advanced equipment and exceptional technology. The synthesis of the two words in the company name expresses the business idea of searching for high quality technologies.
Vantech manufactures plastic products through a total process involving all stages from metal mold production to injection molding, product planning, and an autonomous design process. This is because we do not spare any effort, and shall continue to regard the future with the determination to courageously meet challenges in even unprecedented technological areas in order to continue manufacturing high quality products.

Ideas are infinite.
Vantech took on the challenge of cost limitations by effectively rationalizing the design of metal molds and the procuring of materials. Also, we have researched everything from the development of our own products to that of our own distribution system in order to secure a minimum quantity of distribution without risking metal molds. Vantech will assist you, not merely as a simple subcontractor, but as a joint business partner beginning at any stage you require, including product planning, metal mold production, molding, and market development. With the achievement of success in the area of 100-yen products, we will cooperate with you as a plastic molding supporter able to manufacture original goods with infinite ideas.


◆The Latest in Metal
Mold Manufacturing
  We accept total orders - from product planning to metal
              mold production through the latest in 3-D CAD/CAM modeling.

◆Rationality of the
Molding Department
  Cost reductions are achieved by a high rational
              operation rate of injection molding equipment in the
              molding department. Depend on us in molding/processing

◆Flexibility of the
Corporate Organization
We are proud of our flexible corporate organization, and
               our flexible constitution. We await your plans and
               employment opportunities.

◆Partner Center    We have opened a consultation center for partner center
               enter prises/individuals interested in everything from
               partial/total planning to production.

◆Original Items     View products pertaining to our original gardening,
               refrigerator, and interior goods
You can directly place
               a request for a cost estimate through the original
               product homepage. We invite you to take advantage of
               this service.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products 

  2-2133-4 Hishigi,  Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture   TEL.+81-72-271-9488 

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