Business is rapidly changing. The intensity of the changes have increased during recent years in the areas of management, organization, work environment, maintenance of international competitiveness, economic conditions, plastics market, and so forth, and have compelled corporations to respond. With the flexibility needed to survey the future, Vantech has always sought to implement organizational reform. We consider flexible conception the most important strategy for solving problems.

‘@Going forward with flexible responses. ‘

An organization that can coexist with others
Vantech has sought to form an organization that can coexist with others. Humans, techniques and basics. With techniques refined by the limitless nature of our potential, efforts, and research spirit, and while always reflecting on the basics, policies for the firm to take have been determined. Flexible policies have led to the creation of the present Vantech.
With our enterprise based on plastic molding, we have met various challenges, including planning, designing, metal mold production, injection molding, distribution development, and market development. Consult us in regards to areas such as product planning, product cost reduction, distribution rationalization studies, and client development. We will tackle these issues as we aim for an organization that can coexist with others.
Send in your venture plans and employment activities on the Internet as Vantech also accepts applications.

Operating general-affairs section/KANKI
‚s.+81-72-271-9488 F.+81-72-271-9487

ŸCompany Outline

@œName: VantechKabushikigaisha
@œEnglish name: Vantech Co., Ltd

Address: 2-2133-4 Hishigi,
Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture

@œTelephone: +81-72-271-9488
@œF A X@ @: +81-72-271-9487

Executive director:
@ Takashi Kanki

Capital: \10,000,000

Founded: March 1966

Incorporated: August 1990

Cooperative bank:
Kiyo Bank Otori Branch
@ Senshu Bank Otori Branch
@ Resona Bank Senboku Branch@

ŸBusiness outline

œInjection molding/processing
Metal mold designing/production
Extrusion molding/processing
Blow molding
Daily use products manufacturing

Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products

Feel free to contact us in regards to any questions,
including any inquiries you may have concerning what is shown here
Vantech Co., Ltd@:+81-72-271-9488

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