Vantech has succeeded in designing along the same lines of injection molding productivity by integrating metal molding know-how into 3-D CAD/CAM. We sought to study and decide in real time on plans by design-to-drawing inputting through 3-D virtual modeling. By unifying data entry, and taking advantage of senses and techniques fostered through real (analog) experiences, we have been able to cut metal molds. Vantech performs naturally what appears to be impossible to achieve.

¡@We have succeeded in not only introducing
3-D CAD/CAM but also collaborative engineering. ¡

Flexible Ideas are infinite
We consider metal mold manufacturing to offer the greatest advantages when flexible ideas can be manufactured continuously from the limitless conception stage to the planning studies, design, modeling, secondary studies, and modification stages. All that is needed is to forward the smoothly conceived designs to the well-equipped machining center. We have also achieved reductions in unit price per hour through achieving rational investment efficiencies and work schedule management. With the ultimate know-how that brought success through 100-yen merchandise, we will provide assistance to your metal mold production, not as a simple subcontractor, but as a joint business partner. Consult us about any metal mold part for injection molding. We will respond with flexibility.

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ŸList of metal mold production equipment

@œHorizontal machining center (Hitachi Seiki)

NC diesinking electric discharge processing
@(Mitsubishi Denki)

@œPrecision plane cutter (Okamoto Kosaku Kikai)

General-purpose milling cutter (Makino Milling
@ Cutters)

Radial drilling machine (Toa Kogyo)

Drilling machine (Kira Tekkojo)

CAD/CAM (Computer Engineering)

3-D CAD/CAM-U Graph (SII)

FF CAM (Makino Milling Cutters)

Fine Cut (Heiwa Technica)
@ œTraveling crane (for 2 t)

Wire cut FX_20 (Mitsubishi Denki)

NC milling cutter 2R-NC (Okuma Towa)

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