Those who plan on submitting a request to Vantech to provide online product cost estimates are required to agree with the following Member Regulations

Member Regulations

Article 1. (Scope of application)
These regulations apply to all aspects of relationships between members (who approve of these Regulations and are registered as members) and Vantech Co., Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") concerning Internet services (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") provided by the Company.

Article 2. (Purpose)
The purpose of the Site shall be to provide an environment in which the Internet is employed to smoothly permit requests to be made for cost estimates.

Article 3. (Agreement with these Regulations)
Members shall join upon agreeing to these Regulations, and use services provided by the Company.
Members shall observe these Regulations in using the Site.

Article 4. (Revisions to Regulations)
These Regulations may be revised according to circumstances of the Company. Said revisions shall be announced on the Vantech Site, and use of the services on the Site by members after the announcement has been made shall constitute agreement with the concerned revisions.

Article 5. (Membership)
Members are those parties who agree with these Regulations and have properly applied according to methods prescribed by the Company.

Article 6. (Cancellation of membership)
Membership may be cancelled at the discretion of the Company in the event that any of the following cases are discovered
(1) False information filled in on the application
(2) Illegal use of passwords
(3) Illegal use of information provided on the Site
4) Actions in breach of these Regulations
(5) Other cases deemed inappropriate by the Company pertaining to the use of online cost
  estimate requests.

Article 7. (Transfer of membership)
Membership may not be transferred or loaned

Article 8. (Changes in registration information)
Members shall promptly notify the Company of any changes in registration information

Article 9. (Password management)
Members are required to register their passwords upon registration. Members may not allow others to use their passwords. Members shall be responsible for managing their passwords by engaging in acts such as changing them from time to time. The Company will not be held liable for any damages caused to members from the illegal use of passwords by a third party. Also, in the event of an occurrence of damages as noted above, the member in question shall assume all responsibility.

Article 10. (Connection with the Site)
Members shall connect with the Site to receive services at their own expense. The Company will not be held responsible for any interruptions due to circumstances, such as circuit conditions, that occur during connection with the Site.

Article 11. (Prohibition on use of information without permission)
Information on the Site, including images, must not be used without permission. Therefore, no information on the Site may be edited, duplicated, nor reproduced

Article 12. (Use of information on members)
The Company shall, in principle, not disclose information registered by members to a third party without obtaining the consent of the member unless such information is required in response to an inquiry submitted by a public institution in accordance with the law, such information is required by law, or such information is to be provided to organizations of a public nature, such as a consumer center. In addition, in cases limited to those outlined below, the required information of registered members may be disclosed to a third party without member consent and without providing a requisite payment. However, such disclosure shall be limited to information that does not identify individuals.
(1) To aggregate and analyze information
(2)To disclose secondary data derived from (1)to explain the services of the Company.
The Company shall be able to use registered information in cases limited to the above even after members have cancelled their membership.
The Company shall take preventive measures to manage the registered information of members against unauthorized disclosures; however, it shall not be held liable for disclosures arising from such causes as illegal access.

Article 13. (Prohibitions)
When using the Site, members may not perform the following actions or cause similar or corresponding consequences  
(1)Illegal actions
(2)Promotion of illegal actions or the suggestion thereof
(3)Infringement of property, trust, reputation, or privacy of other members or a third party
(4)Actions against the interest of other members or a third party
(5)Interference with the operation of the Site or injury to the Company's reputation
(6) Actions in breach of Regulations
(7)Other actions deemed inappropriate by the Company
 In the event that any of the above occurrences arises, the Company shall be able to cancel the membership of the member in question without obtaining the consent of the member in question or a relevant third party.

Article 14. (Temporary interruption of service)
The Company may temporarily interrupt service without prior notice to members for reasons listed below. The Company shall not be held liable for damages due to this service interruption.
(1)Undertaking of maintenance, inspection, repair, etc., of the system of the Company
(2)Inability to provide service due to fire/power failure
(3)Inability to provide service due to natural disasters, etc
(4)Temporary interruption of service provision resulting from other operational or technical reasons

Article 15. (Suspension of services to specific members)
When the Company considers that there is a risk of damage to the Company or a third party, the Company may suspend service to specific members by taking measures such as invalidating their passwords.

Article 16. (Changes/abolition of services provided)
The Company may change its service content without prior notice to members, to which members shall agree, and the Company shall not be held responsible for any disadvantages or damages caused to members. The Company may suspend or abolish service with a minimum notification period of 10 days.
The above suspension or abolition of service shall be announced on the Site, and if the Company suspends or abolishes service after following this procedure, it shall not be held liable to members for any damages, etc.

Article 17. (Proper law/agreed jurisdiction)
These Regulations shall be interpreted in conformity with Japanese law. It is agreed that any disputes concerning use of services shall be settled by the Sakai Regional Court as the court of first instance

Article 18. (Effect of Regulations)
These Regulations shall take effect as of May 1, 2001, and in being applied, shall take precedence over past regulations

(Supplementary provision)
Enacted: April 24, 2001
I agree/do not agree with the above "Vantech Membership Regulations."

I agree/do not agree with the above "Vantech Membership Regulations."

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