High quality products can be manufactured with the latest equipment. However, Vantech considers the maintenance of quality and securing of a planned production line to be matters of corporate capabilities. The average operation rate of 24 hours per day for 350 days per year of injection molding equipment is achieved by our know-how and each employee's enterprising attitude.

¡@Cost reductions are achieved by the operation rate of injection molding equipment.¡

The manufacturing system is required to constantly
generate output at a high level of quality.
Small- and medium-sized firms cannot undertake wasteful equipment investment because they must reduce costs through the operation rate, to an extent which a major corporation is incapable of achieving. We have not only achieved injection work by correct settings but have also developed human resources and achieved cooperative teamwork. Vantech has continuously maintained its waste-free production line by being a company that cultivates human resources. Appreciate the quality and production that have enabled us to succeed in the tough cost competitive environment of the 100-yen market. We as a business partner support your planning with our know-how.


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ŸList of injection molding equipment

@œFS260S71ASE@@@(Nippon Jushi Kogyo)

FS180S50ASE@@@(Nippon Jushi Kogyo)

@œFS160S36ASE@@@(Nippon Jushi Kogyo)

FS120S25ASE@@@(Nippon Jushi Kogyo)

FS80S18ASE@@ @ (Nippon Jushi Kogyo)

‚s‚l180‚f @ @@@ @ (Toyo Kikai Kinzoku)

FE160S-36A @@@@(Nippon Jushi Kogyo)

FE210S-50A @@@@(Nippon Jushi Kogyo)

FN6000-100A@ @@(Nippon Jushi Kogyo)

FN7000-100A@ @@(Nippon Jushi Kogyo)

ŸManpower conservation equipment

@œYKM-300/150@ (Yushin Seiki)

@œVN-‡U250/350@(Yushin Seiki)

@œAE-200 @ @ @ @ (Yushin Seiki)

TM-700A @ @ @@(Star Seiki)

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